We’re hiring

Sobolt is casting the net for analytical talent. We strongly believe that putting smart people in a room together will lead to results. Were you always one of the smartest guys or girls in your class? Are you extremely good in getting the job done, with whatever means possible? Or do you also have a passion for data? We might just be looking for you.

At Sobolt we will use the aid of computers to find solutions. Our principles stimulate working together and learning from eachother. We use tools to make collaboration easier, more efficient and more fun. In the algorithmic development team, you will design, engineer and implement algorithms to deliver high-level data products for the renewable energy sector. Are you ready to be part of the Sobolt team?

Is this you?

    Analytically strong
✔    Prepared to work hard
✔    Programming experience
✔    Interested in thinking about worldwide questions
✔    Highly educated
✘      Afraid to make mistakes
✘      A lone wolf
✘     Satisfied with 7/10


What do we offer?

     Working on some of the most challenging problems
✔     The speed and agility of a tech-startup
✔     Collaborating with other analytical talents
✔     Room to develop yourself
✔     The possibility to develop your own ideas
✔     An environment in which you can excel


Are you immediately enthusiastic? Or not sure if it is a match?

You can come over for coffee at any time. Just fill out the contact form here.

If you want to get serious right away, please send your resume to info@sobolt.com.