Sustainable futures ahead

Sustainable futures ahead

Fighting big problems with AI

AI is changing the world. Now. The impact still seems limited for many companies, governments and individuals. Especially when it comes to sustainability. Sobolt is committed to making a real change.

  • Better decisions by governments and companies with our tooling
  • Less materials, energy, manpower and raw materials
  • Significant reduction in the footprint of customers and partners

Best in class

Top 3 is a Sobolt statement. Solutions and services are best in class. Check the 3D tree case.

Less resources

Clients optimize the use of resources. Minimizing environmental impact is our goal.

Creating new realities

AI software is not automation only. Let's explore other horizons together.

Selected sustainable development goals

Selected sustainable development goals

Are we 4 real?

Impact Match Maker

Create sustainable futures together?

Impact Match Maker

Want to create impact together? Answer the questions below to see if we are a match.

Is your organization actively looking for ways to become more sustainable?
Are you focusing on some of the same SDGs as we do?
What is your type of organisation perspective?
Start leveraging the power of AI together?

Your cloud service in the most sustainable way.
We aim to have as little impact as possible

Using only what is absolutely necessary, without having machines on standby. Our building blocks reduce unnecessary machine use efficiently.

Sobolt Cloud uses alerts. This allows us to prevent waste, calculate the impact and allows for preventive action taking countermeasures.