Explore Data to Build New Insights

Solar Search

Automatically Locate, Monitor and Predict PV

To keep track of PV investments, project owners and homeowners are encouraged to register their solar panels. However, many fail to do so, resulting in numerous unregistered solar installations and inefficiencies in the grid.

Sobolt's Solar Search solution combines high resolution satellite imagery with artificial intelligence to automatically detect solar panels. Additionally, our tool gives municipalities accurate insights into the effectiveness of PV installation subsidies. Solar Search has proven its worth by detecting up to 50% more panels than those already registered in the city of London.

Using satellite imagery and AI, Solar Search also communicates rooftop suitability for future PV installations. Allowing our clients to make informed investments and generate more solar power is our mission.

Green Rooftop Monitoring

Identify Coverage, Communicate Potential

Green rooftops offer a variety of benefits, including stormwater management, urban temperature control and air pollution minimization. However, many municipalities are unaware of the extent of green roof coverage, leading to inefficient decisions regarding subsidies, policies and urban development techniques.

Sobolt’s Green Rooftop Monitoring solution allows municipalities to quantify the number of green rooftops and assess the current state of rooftop vegetation in their cities. In addition, our unique Green Rooftop Potential solution helps cities plan for future green roof installations based on suitability indicators.


A Step Toward Smart Mobility

Smart and efficient transportation in cities saves money and contributes to urban resilience. Sobolt evaluates how individuals move to improve the speed, safety and sustainability of transportation. As a result, municipalities, businesses and homeowners can make effective decisions regarding daily commutes.

Our solution also quantifies accessibility by bike to communicate value added to buildings. Residents and visitors alike demand safe, fast and convenient cycling routes to everyday needs. Our solution can do just that.

Recently, Sobolt collaborated on a transportation index for the city of Rotterdam. Using our technology, users can effectively quantify and visualize the accessibility to amenities such as schools, train stations and grocery stores on a building-by-building basis.

Land Loupe

Inspecting Infrastructure, Accurately and Automatically

The inspection of roads, waterways and other infrastructure is often labor-intensive, expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, alternative methods are being sought after that can do these inspections automatically.

Land Loupe answers the quest for automatic inspection. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, this technique can accurately detect and measure infrastructure. Projects with BAM Infra have shown that Land Loupe maps infrastructure quicker and cheaper than conventional methods.

The capabilities offered by Land Loupe can take over tasks that are currently done using human labor in infrastructural firms, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Access to Green

Don't Guess, Be Informed

Making cities green is one of the most important and most challenging EU-goals for the cities today. Often, there are no complete pictures of the green areas in the city.

Access to Green - Sobolt’s most recent innovation - uses artificial intelligence to map green areas. Our tool also assesses the accessibility for citizens to green using factors like travel time by foot and by bike. Access to Green provides accurate information that allows governments and citizens to make informed decisions.

This Sobolt technology assists government officials in analysing their city's green status by creating and communicating actionable data.

Heat Brain

Less Waste, More Savings

40% of European energy is consumed by buildings, with most being used for heating. Buildings are often insufficiently insulated, causing heat losses. As a result, more precise information is required for an effective insulation strategy.

Sobolt is developing a game changer, Heat Brain, which maps heat loss in buildings. Our solution solves the problems associated with time-consuming manual checks.

Heat Brain is of significant benefit for housing corporations, municipalities and energy auditors. It also can find “weak spots” in buildings and monitor the progress of building renovations.

Defect Detect

Fewer Deficiencies, More Power

Large-scale solar parks are on the rise to power the renewable energy transition. However, defects in solar panels are a significant challenge for efficient energy production. Constant inspection and maintenance are required to identify and fix defects.

Conventional monitoring techniques like manual inspections are expensive and often inaccurate. Defect Detect solves this problem. Our tool uses satellite imagery and a series of neural networks to correctly identify defective solar panels.

With Defect Detect, solar farm owners and operators can increase their performance, produce more renewable energy and increase profits.