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Explore data to build new insights

Explore data to build new insights



Investigate heat loss in buildings

A large part of the energy consumed in buildings is spent on heating and cooling. Defective or insufficient insulation causes significant energy loss. This leads to higher costs, poor comfort and is unsustainable. Heat scans are made with an infrared camera to evaluate the insulation of a building and identify areas for improvement. However, these thermal images need to be individually interpreted by an expert.

Using AI, HeatPuls maps heat losses in buildings by interpreting these heat scans automatically. This boosts efficiency by drastically cutting down on the time required to interpret heat leaks and gain insights. HeatPuls is scalable, making it suitable for individual buildings as well as large projects for housing corporations, municipalities and insulation installers.




The AI assistant in bridge inspection - transforming the inspection of bridges  

The deep-learning bridge inspection application for inspectors and asset managers to enhance the accuracy, objectivity and safety of the bridge inspection process. Using AI and drone imagery, BridgeBrains analyses bridge health, optimizing the inspection outcomes for effective and time-efficient bridge maintenance. 


Solar energy development

SolarSearch uses AI to automatically detect solar panels from aerial images and satellite data. Repeating this analysis accurately illuminates the growth in uptake. Additionally, the generation potential for each location, e.g. rooftops, can be assessed.

This information is valuable to governments, developers and grid operators to plan policy and infrastructure while evaluating the effectiveness of these solar energy measures. SolarSearch proved its worth for many stakeholders. In the City of London, for example, SolarSearch detected 50% more PV installations than were registered.




Effective insights for  climate-adaptive regions

GreenAdapt provides effective insights into climate adaptation to enhance livability and resilience in cities using (public) green has a central approach in managing a variety of issues, ranging from heat island effects, access to green spaces and green rooftops, to name a few. This information is valuable to municipal leaders and decision-makers enabling impactful choices.