SolarSearch, solar energy development

Assess and track solar power

Each year, a large number of new rooftop solar panels are installed. This affects many stakeholders such as grid operators, developers and governing bodies. However, solar installations are often not registered, making it difficult to find a complete solar power overview.

Informed action with SolarSearch

SolarSearch is an extensive analysis of solar installation and development potential in your region of interest, with remarkable coverage and accuracy.
The results are delivered as a report with an overview, shapefiles, a spreadsheet and, optionally, an online interactive map. This makes it easy to integrate with your own tools and analyses.

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Figure 1: Example overview of rooftop potential


Explore how SolarSearch can add value

Latest information

The analysis is carried out using the most recently available imagery and building data.

Accurate and complete

Deep learning algorithms automatically detect over 99% of the solar panel installations.

Trend analysis

SolarSearch can give an overview of installation development over time using sequenced imagery.

Clear investments

The report contains key statistics for your individual location with clear insight in potential gains, impact and revenues.

Potential mapped out

The suitability for solar energy and potential power generation is determined for each location.

Vision for impact

Current installations, solar potential and trends over time translate into action for policy, planning and infrastructure.