AI powerhouse

AI powerhouse

AI powerhouse


Building blocks for great solutions

AI software by Sobolt is based on many years of experience and a sustainable mission. We containerised our best building blocks and offer the highest cutting edge standards with our cloud partners. Together with you great opportunities arise much faster.

  • Easy access to Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Constant new releases of AI building blocks
  • Always support available

Your data scientists and experts can work faster and more focused. Based on the trustworthy cloud software, great applications are within reach. Which sustainable AI based solution are you working on?

Easy start enabled

Use cloud power

Scale your data storage. Improve your CPU usage. Optimize with Sobolt alerts. Go for improved expert efficiency

Reliable AI modules

Bring your models alive. Use our software for deeper analysis and insightful predictions

Budget savings

Save money. The algorithms ensure continuous development and new possibilities

“TNO developed a method of detecting cracks in brickwork. Sobolt helped us to scale much faster. Especially the stitching module and rapid automated CPU are supporting the TNO AI models. From TRL 5 to TRL 6 in only 6 months”

Jeroen Kruithof, TNO

How can we help?

Does your department work on data analysis, AI models or smart applications? Sobolt colleagues are happy to help you on your way. We share both success and failure. The available software supports testing, deployment and operation. You can easily make an appointment via