Using AI for Good Together

Develop world-class applications for impactful solutions

We are on a mission to activate remote sensing data and AI in combination with our own and industry experts to develop world-class solutions for sustainable futures. 


Limitless possibilities with Remote Sensing and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world. It provides limitless opportunities that until recently were impossible to comprehend. Sobolt is skilled and experienced in this and remote sensing playing fields. With AI we award clients additional opportunities by enabling governments and organizations to work more effectively. Better insights, targeted alerts and concrete savings options are within reach!


Standing up together for accelerated sustainability

Applying AI and remote sensing data for sustainability is what drives us. Together, we work on greening environments, increasing industrial efficiency and enhancing livability in urban environments. In using various data sources and AI, we offer innovative services in the form of advanced monitoring, action-oriented analyses, concrete savings and mitigation tools.

Join us on our mission!

Sobolt seeks to combine our and client's unique expertise to achieve common goals. For the analysis, monitoring, classification and improvement of data, we use world-class techniques in combination with remote sensing. Our integral deep learning approach in combination with our powerful algorithms enable us to analyse data accurately and efficiently. We enjoy working with partners with similar goals. Will you join us?