Innovation at Sobolt

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Research and development

At Sobolt, we are always working on applying the latest technological developments to practical cases. Get the best value out of data. We are driven by purpose, with sustainability at our core. We strongly believe in co-development with partners and clients. Our joint ambition is to develop world-class solutions. Join us?

Deep learning and more

Sobolt has an organised approach towards innovation, in which we apply deep learning and other modern techniques. Our work is enriched by a growing network of partners and clients. Additionally, we streamline the technological and market development of our innovations using the unique Sobolt Readiness Levels.


Innovation projects with partners

With, we modernise the monitoring of nature reserves throughout Europe by using AI and remote sensing data. Read more here.


In collaboration with S[&]T, we develop high-tech methods of tracking illegal displacement of soil for multiple cases and clients. Interested? quantifies accessibility and maps bottlenecks in cycling infrastructure. This contributes to more sustainable urban mobility.


Sobolt is a member of ESA Business Incubation Centre in Noordwijk and Connekt in Delft. We grow through the inspiring networks, events and more.


Our partners Movares and Geozicht provide expert input on civil engineering and drones respectively. Together, we transform the inspection of bridges.


Along with MapGear, we are developing Zonversneller at the province of Overijssel. This helps to actively involve stakeholders in the energy transition.