AI assessments for intelligent infrastructure

AI assessments for intelligent infrastructure


Infrastructure is becoming increasingly sustainable

We make progress through a longer lifespan of assets, more sustainable use of materials and better insights. Whether the asset is a tree, bridge or road sign. Inspection and maintenance are of vital importance. Sobolt always works on 2 things: making the process more efficient and at the same time opening up completely new possibilities.

Infra Apps for asset managers

Guardrail LiDAR Inspect
Pilot option
Get access to detailed information of the status of guardrails to effectively plan maintenance work.
Roadside Object Detection
Beta test
LiDAR scans analyzed by AI models make detection of objects quicker and more accurate.
Highway Tree Inspection
Most impact
Detecting the number of trees and important characteristics along highways.

Combination of expertise and AI

In collaboration with Movares, Sobolt has developed a deep-learning bridge inspection application for inspectors and asset managers. This tooling offers:

  • A central online environment for better bridge analysis
  • Data management and data accessibility for asset owners
  • Improved accuracy and objectivity

The algorithm analyzes drone images to detect defects on the bridge. Experts can work faster and more focused. An ideal combination of 80% Artificial Intelligence and 20% Human Intelligence. This gives the opportunity to make better decisions about maintenance and repairs.

Together with BAM Infra we are digitizing guardrail inspections

Intelligent infrastructure

AI inspections

Use alerts. Improved expert efficiency, accuracy and objectivity. We develop regional partnerships

Data valhalla

Bring data together for analysis, redefinition and prediction of opportunities and problems

Continuous improvement

Self-learning algorithms ensure continuous development and new possibilities

Linkable application

Integration with your (client) asset management systems is possible

Maintenance next level

Objects get a heartbeat. Recognition, (defective) prediction and planning come to a higher level

3D modelling

Possibility of 3D modeling bridges, roads, trees, guide rails and ...

Success together?

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