HeatPuls - unlocking the potential of thermographic images

Heat analysis for energy savings

Heat scans of buildings give insight into the quality and coverage of insulation. Clients use this input to guide improvements and save energy. HeatPuls is developed with a team of engineers and expert thermographers to automatically interpret these heat scans. By providing homeowners insights in their heat loss together with hands-on advice for energy saving measurements.

Ready to accelerate the energy transition now?

Following the successful first development of the technology, we are performing large-scale HeatPuls pilots in practice. This is an opportunity to extensively analyse a large number of buildings and efficiently evaluate heat leaks. Entire streets or neighbourhoods can be analysed for municipalities, housing corporations and insulation installers.

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Discover how HeatPuls can enrich your portfolio

Time savings

Automatic interpretation of thermograms using AI saves significant analysis time compared to manual inspection.


Objective algorithms detect and classify heat leaks, performing analyses at least as well as human experts.


Perform large-scale analyses for whole streets, neighborhoods or custom portfolios with ease.

Instant reports

Automatic reports support advice on follow-up actions for better insulation and energy savings.

Smarter every day

The self-learning algorithms get better at inspecting heat leaks as more data becomes available.

Continuing development

HeatPuls is being developed rapidly. Interested in a large-scale test?
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I spy with my artificial eye

There is more to the world than meets the eye. We are figuring out new ways for computers to see. Deep learning helps us to unlock the huge potential in thermal and hyperspectral imagery. With our custom built technologies, we dare to attack any problem.