HeatAlert, for a cool city

Urban heat causes problems within cities

  • Threat to the health of vulnerable citizens

  • Reduced productivity of employees

  • Increased energy consumption

Mapping urban heat and mitigation strategies

HeatAlert detects heat levels across the city and communicates the most dangerous urban heat islands (UHI). The resulting report includes mapping heat stress throughout your city as well as advise on targeted and effective measures to mitigate the health risks and economic impacts of heat stress.

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Find out how HeatAlert can help your city

Historical analysis

Measurements are taken multiple times a year. This allows you to monitor temperatures and evaluate the effectiveness of measures taken.

Effective policy

HeatAlert provides advice for future policy implications. Our tool determines the most suitable areas for greening in order to best mitigate local heat islands.

Vulnerable groups

HeatAlert determines heat stress at locations related to vulnerable groups, like hospitals and elderly homes. This shows where action is most urgent.

Accurate measurements

Local characteristics of the heat profile are determined by using satellite measurements over models.

Quick delivery

We realize that your time is valuable. Therefore, the customized HeatAlert report is delivered within one week.

Attractive pricing

HeatAlert is competitively priced. You get a full report starting at 2500 euros.
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We take the truth seriously

Contradicting models do not form a solid basis for policies or real action. Measuring is knowing. Having a solid basis for action is part of governments' responsibility. HeatAlert is the first step in underpinning your climate adaptation strategy. Satellite measurements are more scalable and accurate than ever before and right here for you to use.