Green nature

Discover green trends

Discover green trends


Green futures

Green has many colors & appearances. For years we have been working on monitoring green roofs in cities, habitats + inspecting trees. Many things come together: high-end AI skills + value of green + desire to contribute to a sustainable world. Practice turns out to be challenging.

Satellite detection automatically detects changes and trends. With a complete management app

Sustainable food

Top AI algorithms measure the growth of plants. Produce more food with fewer resources

Ecological trends

Forests absorb water, green roofs keep buildings cooler and the climate is changing

To map the characteristics of trees, Sobolt has entered into a partnership with Bomenwacht. Bomenwacht is a high quality consultancy company in the field of trees. Several cities in the Netherlands are already being mapped. The trees are automatically detected by 3D point clouds, which are created by a lidar sensor on the roof of a car. The trees and their physical properties were then processed by i-Tree, a groundbreaking, peer-reviewed software from the USDA Forest Service. With this "we" can finally calculate the impact of trees in the city much better.

“As an AI developer I feel like half an ecologist. My Green Deal is to give nature managers throughout Europe extra options in a modern toolbox.”

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