Food production

Healthy growth

Horticulture is the Valhalla of controlled cultivation. Safe food production is important. Energy, water, drought and non-toxic cultivation require smart solutions.

Create more efficient irrigation, save water and maximize crop yields.
Pest prevention
ScoutCam helps growers in greenhouse horticulture by noticing insect pests earlier.
Plant measurements
Powerful insights into the status of plants. Extra eyes, ears and vision for the grower.

More sustainable food

More sustainable food

Grow together

We offer digital solutions for stakeholders in horticulture. Growers, advisors, distributors and researchers gain maximum insight into every step of their growth trajectory. Make use of a tailor made platform with integrated products for each phase.

Less energy & more targeted water
Continue with smart loss reduction, optimize irrigation, improve storage, prevent disease risks and reduce energy consumption. Sounds simple? It is difficult. That is why we work hard every day with customers in more than 20 countries.
Measure what matters
Whether it concerns vegetables, plants, seeds or flower bulbs: you want to measure variables that make a difference. Monitor complex statistics such as VPD, dew point, humidity deficit, EC, VWC, temperature, light intensity and CO2.
Insights down to the microlevel
It is important to properly control soil moisture. Too little moisture in the active root zone reduces yields, while excess soil moisture can cause mold and root rot and leach out minerals.

“My goal is to bring fully sustainable food production one step closer every day.”

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