FAQ HeatAlert EN


  • Why should I use this report?
    • Our report provides you with highly accurate insights in the presence of heat islands in your municipality. Furthermore, the report is developed to provide you with actionable insights. For example, local possibilities for more urban green to address heat is one of the components of the report.
  • For whom is this report intended?
    • The report is developed for policy makers in the field of climate adaptation or urban development.
  • What makes this report different than other available solutions?
    • We have an unique approach by combining highly accurate satellite data with advanced data processing techniques. This provides you with very accurate measurements. Other suppliers tend to base their findings on modelled calculations. This means that they make many assumptions or simplifications to be able to derive such a complicated local effect. Not surprisingly, these modelled outcomes tend to differ from one and another. Even more, our report based on real measurements will show you a very different picture.
  • Is there an example report that I could download?
    • Sure, it’s available in Dutch here. We’ll be adding an English version shortly.
  • I’d like to contact Sobolt for more information. Who can I reach out to?
    • You can contact our urban sustainability colleague Daan Kaptein via d.kaptein@sobolt.com or +31614930816.


  • What’s the price of a report?
    • Our reports are priced very competitively, starting at €2,500. The price depends on the size (#inhabitants) of your municipality.
  • How long does it take from order to delivery?
    • Usually it will only take up to 4 weeks. However, if there is urgency we are always willing to find ways to provide you with the report sooner.
  • Does it affect the price if we order together with multiple municipalities?
    • Yes, we’d be happy to find a suitable outcome for joint orders.
  • Do I have to pay extra for the satellite images?
    • No this is not the case, HeatAlert offers you a complete solution.
  • I’ve got some specific elements that don’t seem to be part of the report. Would it be possible to include these?
    • This could be possible depending on the issue and will require additional work/costs.


  • How reliable are your measurements?
    • Our approach is based on validated methodologies from the European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Will I receive the underlying data?
    • This is possible in coordination with your GIS-expert.
  • Will I be able to see the differences in temperature between different years?
    • Definitely, this is part of the report.
  • To what level will I be able to see the differences in temperature?
    • The difference in temperature are visualised to a (small) neighbourhood level.


  • Can I compare our outcomes with other municipalities?
    • Yes, this is part of the report.
  • Can I get the report on a monthly basis?
    • No, this is not possible as we base the report on the average of the measurements in the warm period of a year.
  • Does the report include concrete measurements against local heat islands?
    • The report includes clear actionable insights, including vegetation opportunities.