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There is more to the world than meets the eye. We are figuring out new ways for computers to see. Deep learning helps us to unlock the huge potential in thermal and hyperspectral imagery.

150+ governments supported

Together we work on making public space more sustainable. Companies and citizens are encouraged to work on solar energy generation and insulation of buildings. We provide effective monitoring, spot opportunities and alerts in case of pollution or disturbing change. Let’s start with energy savings?

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Results for municipalities & residents

Heatpulse Scan
Makes residents aware of the insulation status of houses and addresses energy awareness.
Heatpulse Scan
Heatpulse Scan Budget
Support thermographers, volunteers and energy coaches to make it easier to get started.
Heatpulse Scan Budget
Energieklus Fix
Combine living comfort with direct installation of insulation measures & smart software.
Energieklus Fix
Energieklus Samen
Delivers a complete project approach for municipalities and housing associations to tackle energy poverty.
Energieklus Samen

Energy-saving building blocks

Fine format

Partially automatic inspection saves time. This gives more space for attention, behaviour & advice.


Software & algorithms are more consistent than experts. Calculation values + knowledge of MilieuCentraal is applied.

Rising energy bills

Energy prices are skyrocketing. Insulation is dire necessity and pays for itself in no time.

Direct reporting

5x more follow-up actions for better insulation and energy savings. The direct approach with reporting works.

Fix installation

Besides advice, we install many meters of radiator foil, weather strips & central heating savings every day.


Holland's sustainable transformation demands action. Tackling energy poverty & getting 1,000+ residents on board!

An image says more than 1.000 words

There is more to the world than we humans can see. We are developing new ways to smarten & accelerate sustainability in the built environment. Deep learning is helping to unlock the enormous potential of thermal and hyperspectral data. With specially developed housing analysis software, we are happy to tackle any challenge together. Too many buildings & homes are still leaking energy. Coffee with Wouter?