Case in1 with ESA

New view on Earth

New view on Earth


Although still a bit ‘under the radar’, our ESA earth observation project has launched. The full picture has yet to be revealed, but we wanted to provide you some food for thought about a cutting edge development.

Sobolt’s expertise in cutting-edge deep learning has led to a ‘magic’ ingredient not only for us, but for the entire EO data science community. Of course, AI has been transforming the way we use data already, enabling us to extract more information from available data at a large scale. Now, we take it one step further...

Improve your EO data with in1

Explore new use cases by leveraging the potential of earth observation data.

On-demand access to our Super Resolution and Haze-Removal algorithms.

Tomorrow's data quality today. Integrate easily in your current workflow.

"I am partially blind but now I can see"

In this era access to valuable and usable data is slowly becoming a reality. However, there is a lot of hidden information still to be uncovered: there is more to the data than meets the eye! We now have the keys to unlock new potential.

Our solution provides an easy to use, cost-effective big data solution that reveals the hidden information in EO data. More details will become available as development progresses. All we can say for now is that data specialists, prepare yourselves!