Bomenwacht * Sobolt = Treetracker

Bomenwacht * Sobolt = Treetracker

Bomenwacht * Sobolt = Treetracker


To map the characteristics of trees, Sobolt has entered into a partnership with Bomenwacht. A high quality consultancy company in the field of trees. Several cities in the Netherlands are already being mapped. The trees are automatically detected by 3D point clouds, which are created by a lidar sensor on the roof of a car. The trees and their physical properties were then processed by i-Tree, a groundbreaking, peer-reviewed software from the USDA Forest Service. With this "we" can finally calculate the impact of trees in the city much better.

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Trees in the city improve the living and air quality by lowering the temperature and removing pollutants from the air. In addition, trees can reduce energy consumption in buildings, which leads to reduced emissions. In general, large trees have a more positive impact on the environment than smaller trees, due to a larger leaf surface.

Automated detection

TreeTracker uses artificial intelligence to detect urban trees in an automated way. Putting algorithms to work, we extract individual urban trees from the data.

Measuring of trees

The manual job of measuring trees is time-intensive and proves to be inaccurate. The software automates this process, providing more accurate information.

Ecological impact

Trees take on water in, keep the streets cool and capture carbon and toxic gasses. Detailed understanding of the trees actual ecological impact are provided.

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