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Sobolt’s AI driven products have the potential to create life-changing impact. We are best-only and very committed to realize something special. Do you speak Dutch and want to join the team? Check out the opportunities below.


What do we offer?

✔ Working on some of the most challenging problems
✔ The speed and agility of a tech company
✔ Collaborating with other analytical+ talents
✔ Room to develop yourself and your own ideas
✔ An environment in which you can excel
✔ Work from home or across Rotterdam Central Station
✔ The opportunity to have a real impact

Energy transition consultant - built environment

Do you advise municipalities on smart energy savings? As part of the Heatpulse team, you help municipalities to realize a more sustainable built environment (homes). The work is dynamic and enables you to achieve impact and acceleration in the energy transition.

In addition to finding new and developing existing customer relationships, you also ensure that customer projects are successfully realized. Contribute to the intelligent (further) development of new services.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

  • Minimal 3 years work experience
  • Commerical drive
  • Affinity with communication & psychology
  • Real affinity with sustainability
  • Experience within public domain is a plus

Intern: action engine?! Understand, write, and contribute to sustainability

We are looking for an energetic activator who likes to draw attention to our sustainable living propositions. You think fast, enthusiasm is in your blood and you can write like your committed high school teacher. The work is dynamic and allows you to realize impact and acceleration in the energy transition.

In addition to positioning Heatpulse, you’ll use your knowledge & skills to successfully execute customer projects. We often help municipalities to communicate appropriately and smartly with residents. Change in behaviour is key to the energy transition.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

  • At least 1 year of experience in a similar role
  • Create and execute marketing campaigns is your second nature
  • You enjoy writing
  • Affinity with sustainability
  • Enthusiastic, driven and curious by nature
  • Sense of becoming public (if you don’t get this, please look for something else)

Consultant 😉

Just kidding. Sobolt colleagues don’t actually work as consultants. We prefer to provide solutions & service and are looking for a business developer with consultancy skills. You’ll help Dutch municipalities to speed up the energy transition.

Together with our partners, we offer software to support governments and companies. With AI we work every day on better applications & smart products. Our mission is to contribute to a more sustainable future.

As a business developer you’re responsible for building and expanding a network of customers and strategic relationships. You do this by focusing on delivering added value in your own way. For the customer, for Sobolt, and for the acceleration of ‘the good’.

Does this sound like you?

  • Minimal 3 years of experience
  • You are a pleasant conversation partner
  • Affinity with sustainability is more than a plus
  • Decisive: you’re good at making decisions and getting others on board
  • Pro active & curious by nature
  • Hands-on experience with agile working methods
  • Commercial drive

International business developer

Are you ready to push your boundaries? We are looking for a top colleague who will put Sobolt on the map internationally. From start-up to scale-up. The team is taking serious steps & is looking for reinforcement. Various projects require international management & spin-offs do not come about automatically. Who makes the right market analyses, onboards partners & ensures that 2 worlds come together?

As an international business developer you are partly responsible for the end result and you guide the (partner) strategy. The challenge is to scale up & adapt to the needs of the international market together with the team. We are looking for someone with an open + eager attitude.

Do you recognize this?

  • Minimal 3 years of experience
  • Knows the value of EU Grants
  • Business pioneer with a positive attitude
  • Affinity with the AI/software domain
  • Entrepreneurial results-oriented global citizen
  • You’re excited to make a sustainable contribution
  • No corporate attitude please

Growth supporter

Can you handle 1.001 things? We are looking for a management/growth supporter who is excited every day. The work is dynamic and allows you to solve both complex and small problems. As a growth supporter, you’ll work on discovering new opportunities and preserving what is great already. You’ll work in an agile team. We are looking for someone who has a curious and open approach to the wants and needs of our (international) customers. You will get the responsibility to find new partners and manage relationships.

Is this you?

  • Smiling by nature
  • Excellent Dutch writing skills
  • HR experience
  • Some business wisdom 😉
  • Great digital skills
  • Affinity with sustainability

Full stack developer

We’re looking for an excited full stack developer who transforms business processes into technical sustainable solutions. Writing & configuring code is like 2nd nature to you. With your curiosity & attention to detail you create valuable insights to develop smart products. You don’t have to be able to do everything, but we’re looking for a nice drive.

Together with your colleagues you’ll build valuable applications in sprints. You get all the space to use your creativity. As long as it contributes to the energy transition. You are programming on a daily basis. Front-end or back-end, you control both. Deep learning experience? Nice bonus!

Can you crack the code below?

  • body {background: #Relevant experience: minimum 1 year}
  • Knowledge of front-end & back-end
  • Not afraid to develop brilliant code
  • Expertise in HTML, Python, C++, Java, SQL & CSS
  • Affinity with sustainability
  • Curious person
  • A real engineer

Software engineer

Are you a code lover wise enough to know when coding isn't the answer? Keep on reading, because we’re looking for a passionate software engineer. You build & design world-class software with dedication. You take on challenges and enjoy solving problems together.

We develop AI-driven solutions to accelerate the energy transition. That is why we are looking for a colleague who wants to realize our sustainable dreams together.

Do you fit into this picture?

  • You dream Python
  • Well-developed communication skills
  • Databases are 2nd nature
  • Cloud native developer
  • Heart for sustainability
  • Motivated analyst
  • Curious by nature

Commercial team lead

We’re looking for an energetic product owner/team lead that gladly gets commercially started with our applications. The work is dynamic and allows you to solve complex problems and speed up in the sustainability & artificial intelligence field.

We’re working every day on facilitating the energy transition, building better applications and smarter products. With AI-driven solutions, we support businesses as well as governments. Our mission is to contribute to a more sustainable future.

We’re looking for someone with an open attitude, that can find out which components are important to our stakeholders. Dutch municipalities are the main clients during the coming year. Their wants and needs are translated with the team to concrete actions.

Does this fit you like a glove?

  • At least 1 year of experience in a similar role
  • Hands-on experience with agile working methods
  • Pleasant communication- and presenting skills
  • Affinity with sustainability is more than a plus
  • Enthusiastic, driven and curious by nature
  • Commercial drive
  • Decisive: you’re good at making decisions and getting others on board.

AI business developer

You have already made a long list and action plan. AI is not a vague tech-thing. You work with the notion that we don't have time for hip brainstorms with mediocre web agencies. Are you the missing link to go from start-up to scale-up success?

Do you recognize this 99 +%?

  • Relevant experiences
  • Nice sense digital development skills
  • Experience with growth hacking and software sales
  • Very passionate, boundless and curious
  • Excellent exploration and partner feel
  • Enthusiastic? See how to get in touch at the bottom of the page

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Join us

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Do you see yourself as our missing link? Or not sure if it is a match? Send your resume and motivation letter to Jeroen van Zwieten or apply below.