AI assessments for smarter bridge inspections

The power of expert input and AI accuracy

Sobolt, in partnership with Movares, worked to develop a deep-learning bridge inspection application for inspectors and asset managers, offering:

  • Centralized online environment for bridge analysis

  • Data management and accessibility

  • Improved accuracy and objectivity

Algorithmic analysis of drone imagery, trained through expert input, offers accurate defect detection reporting. Therefore, BridgeBrains is an ideal combination of 80% Artificial Intelligence + 20% Human Intelligence. This enables timely maintenance and repair decision-making.

Deep-learning modeling

BridgeBrains employs a deep-learning model to detect bridge defects. Confidence scores are awarded for every prediction based on engineer approved prediction patterns of segmented images.

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Explore the benefits of AI in action

AI improved inspections

Improved accuracy and objectivity for industry experts.

Centralized database

Centralized environment for data management and accessibility.

Continuous Improvement

The deep-learning algorithm learns from examples for constant improvement.

Linkable application

Linkable to other asset management systems (eg. iAsset)

Predictive asset management

Potential for tracking changes in defect number, size and intensity over time.

3D modelling

Capability for 3D modeling of the bridges enabling interactive asset management.