Food security is a global challenge and is impacted by, rapidly compounding effects including climate change, supply chains, human labour shortages, driving the need for traceability, and technological innovation and automation to name a few.

Across the EU, vast value chains exist that ensure:

  1. Maintaining our lead in food security
  2. Enabling our food products and agricultural technologies to be exported to the rest of the world.

European leadership in agriculture accelerates our collective economic growth, drives responsible use of resources and reduces hunger and malnutrition throughout the world, enabling everyone to reap the benefits of what we sow.

The AGRARSENSE-project aims to develop sensor and decision-support technologies and enablers for smart farming and forestry with a holistic approach that is concretely demonstrated in seven use cases. Greenhouse, vertical farming, precision viticulture, agri-robotics, forestry, optimal soil & fertilisers and water. Together with Hoogendoorn we work actively on the Greenhouse usecase.

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