Energy performance (BENG) training at full speed

10 colleagues are following extra training on EP-W, BENG standards and advice. In the Netherlands the BENG standards are the regulations of the energy performance of “nearly” energy neutral buildings. These legislation and regulations for the energy performance of buildings are based on the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Our colleagues are in training because we make the best possible use of cucumber time and the calm period before the end-of-year storm.

During this training, our colleagues are provided with the necessary knowledge to evaluate the energy performance of homes in accordance with NTA 8800. Nice extra basic knowledge to add to our experience. What do we learn during these 3 training days?

  1. Day 1 is a theory day in which the various architectural constructions and the audits of homes are discussed.
  2. Day 2 is a theory day in which the various installations and the introduction of energy performance recordings are central.
  3. Day 3 is a practical day on location where all the theory comes together. Colleagues independently record an EP, after which the result of the audit is jointly worked out and discussed.

More insight into the overall status of a residential area, targeting a few complexes or preparing for all-electric? Choose Operatie Woningscan of Isolatie Geregeld (available in the Netherlands only). Perhaps one of the extra trained advisors will soon visit you within your project or programme.

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