30MHz joins Sobolt

On the 1st of February, we reached an agreement on a restart of 30MHz. Exciting?! 30MHz is a worldwide leading player in wireless sensor technology and data processing for horticulture. These technological tools give growers more insights into plant and climate conditions.

“We perceive a lot of synergy between the propositions of 30MHz and Plantfellow. Data-driven horticulture offers future prospects. All clients can continue using the platform, sensors & service as usual. The 1st focus now is on guaranteeing quality & service. I’m looking forward to engaging with our joint clients and partners", says colleague Dennis van der Wiel.

With the help of digital solutions, growers & breeders gain insight into every step of the growth process. By integrating knowledge, data & technology, together we can continue to build on the horticulture of the future. Stay tuned.

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