Final approval of Dutch National Growth Fund – NXTGEN HIGHTECH

Yes, the NXTGEN HIGHTECH project has officially received the green light. The conditional allocation of €450 million within the Dutch National Gowth Fund ('het Nationaal Groeifonds') is now definitive. The advisory committee has advised the government that the conditions have been met. This means that the project has met:

  • implement a budget reduction and stronger funnel control during implementation
  • develop an appropriate governance structure
  • improve openness to newcomers
  • identify 'blended finance' opportunities

The contribution of €450 million is to stimulate structural and sustainable economic growth in the Netherlands. How & in what field is AI deployed? In NXTGEN HIGHTECH, high-tech solutions are offered from 6 domains for a new generation of technology for the future generation of Dutch people, our children. Sobolt is one of the 42 project leaders.

A wonderful step. It’s nice to be able to pull along as Sobolt towards sustainable green deltas with a lot of Dutch origin! The use case of Sobolt including LetsGrow, Rijk Zwaan, TU Delft, Gearbox Innovations, WUR and Koppert Biological are determined to make giant steps forward. The time to invest is now. The next generation of horticultural knowledge and control continues to come from Western Europe. Real progress on energy transition, sustainable agriculture and climate adaptation is a must. What will future horticulture mean for (green) education, the labor market and the desired urban green deltas in a rapidly changing AI world? To be continued...

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