Rocking with Fit for 55 in 2030?

As part of the Green Deal & the European Climate Act, the EU has committed to be climate neutral by 2050 at the latest. 2030 is the 1st real milestone by which delay is no longer an option. Emissions must be reduced by at least 55%. Measures, funds and campaigns have been created to prevent the climate from flooding. 1 of these is the package "Fit for 55". Ever heard of it? This package consists of a collection of legislative proposals. Are we really getting an acceleration of the climate transition in Europe? In any case, the proposals cover the full breadth of climate policy. How can you respond to this as a company or organization?

There are opportunities, for example, in the creative development within tenders. As a result of the Green Deal, the EC has very different calls for funding & tenders. But there is much more to come. The Fit for 55 program is still in development. What has already been established?

The Commission has proposed to revise the current energy efficiency directive by increasing the current EU-level target for energy efficiency from 32.5% to 36% for final, and 39% for primary energy consumption. How? Energy savings is the most cost efficient solution for a climate-friendly energy sector. Attention to energy poverty is the common thread. Within the social climate fund, €72.2 billion will be mobilized for this purpose between 2025-2032, among other things.

In addition to the EC, there are a lot of other opportunities and projects. On June 21, Otto was a speaker at Open Calls Network webinar "Climate Neutral and Smart Cities" organized by dotSPACE & NSO. Missed it? Check out Otto's presentation.

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