Making climate investment plans in Helsingborg

After reading the analysis on avoiding emissions framework we wanted more. Let’s go for a deep dive event with more than 250 professionals. City Climate Impact Day is a full-day event hosted by Cleantech Scandinavia in Helsingborg, Sweden. Lessons?

Sobolt is invited to share a couple of high positive climate impact potential examples. We will showcase inspiring & successful projects with positive climate impact and new business models. Would these solutions be of interest to Swedish or Danish cities and/or corporates?

Getting to climate neutrality will require significant investments in infrastructure and innovation. During the city climate investment plan Masterclass the following questions will be tackled:

  • How do you make an investment plan that extends beyond what the city owns?
  • What would a suitable investment plan process look like?
  • What are the requirements and opportunities from the EU mission?
  • What is the sourcing scope?
  • How do you follow up and improve?

Do you plan improved impact journeys for your city this summer? Start using our expertise for free - we’ll prepare an infopack. Please reach out to

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