RES regions ambitious in renewable energy: 58 vs. 35 TWh

In 2019, the Dutch Climate Agreement was adopted. This includes the Dutch interpretation of the Paris Agreement. The National Program Regional Energy Strategies (NP RES) set the goal of generating 35 TWh of renewable electricity on land. To meet this goal, each of the 30 RES regions submitted bids on how much the region could contribute to this goal. All together, they have plans in the RES V1.0 for over 58 TWh of additional land-based renewable energy. Ambitious.

Solar on large roofs
Where does this renewable energy on land come from? At least part of it comes from solar energy from large roofs (>15 kWp). 22 of the 30 RES regions have even formulated a concrete target for solar on large roofs. On average, this is as much as 28.4% of the total renewable energy offer.

For 2 of the 30 regions, Sobolt conducted a comprehensive analysis with Zonnedakje. How much solar power was generated on large rooftops in 2020 & 2021? What is the gap and what potential acceleration is possible towards 2030?

Solar power generation is on the rise, but 2021 did not bring enough progress in most Dutch municipalities. In order to realize the ambitions of the RES regions, Zonnedakje Campaign module is coming. This allows RES regions and municipality(s) to use Zonnedakje even better to achieve their goals

More insight into the progress of solar energy on large roofs? And more resources to achieve the goals of the climate agreement in 2030? Contact Otto via

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