Dutch podcast: de Dataloog – Innovate together with AI

In the Dutch podcast about data & AI, de Dataloog, Tycho van der Scheer of partner BAM Infra and our CTO Danny address the following question: “How do you bring the world of corporate and tech startup together?”

Infrastructure maintenance is placing increasingly high demands on safety, sustainability and efficiency. In 2021, ADAPT Guardrail won the Dutch Applied AI award. ADAPT is the new way to perform an inspection of a guardrail. Together with applied AI on the road to a safer Netherlands.

The fact that innovating in AI is not easy has already been discussed in the Dataloog. Especially for larger corporations it is difficult to make the transition to AI implementation. Smaller tech startups that are driven by technology from the beginning can innovate faster. In a nutshell, there is a big challenge to combine the speed and technology knowledge of the startup with the domain knowledge of the corporate.

In the episode, DTL S5A6: "Innovating Together with AI at BAM & Sobolt", Tycho & Danny explain how they shaped the innovation process and collaboration. All lessons learned are discussed so that other Dutch Corporates can learn from them. This podcast is highly recommended for every manager who starts innovating in the world of AI. Curious?

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