RoboCrops: Today & Tomorrow

RoboCrops 2022 is an annual event where global leaders in greenhouse horticulture and the high-tech community meet. Sobolt will be on stage for the first time this year. Exciting & fun. Together with a number of top partners, we’re happy to take on the challenge to discuss high-tech solutions in horticulture.

RoboCrops is organized by FME, World Horti Center and InnovationQuarter. The programme is packed with hackathons, informative sessions and matchmaking. The event consists of 2 days. May 18th is all about ‘Today’. On the 19th of May the focus will be on solutions that will take more time to develop. For this, system engineering plays an important role (Digital Twins, Cyber Physical Systems). On this day developers from all over the world will also be present but more with a view to discussing future development, new systems and business models. Sobolt CTO Danny Hetharia gives a key-note speech during the session “AI: from buzz to business”. Interested? Register here to attend the session.

Want to know more about AI innovation for horticulture?

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