100 climate neutral EU cities in 2030

The mission is set and over 370 European cities have applied to the mission to become climate neutral in 2030. But how can we help European cities reach this target? 100/370 were selected for extra EU-support this week and Sobolt joined the discussions in Brussels.

We need each other to bring about net-zero cities. And like growing up, solutions for climate-neutral cities need the opportunity to learn, interact, fail, learn and grow at a fast pace. All figures show there is a huge market potential and yet the city market is not an easy one. Without the maturing of the market, climate-neutrality goals are becoming further out of reach. Therefore one of the main questions of EU Smart Cities Maretplace Forum: ‘How can the European Union, national and local governments, support start-ups and SME’s, to promote deployment of their sustainable solutions for making European cities climate-neutral in 2030?'

Climate-neutrality is a continuous journey of learning-by-doing and sharing our learning experiences with each other. The aim of the event was to gain insights in the potential of EU-collaboration on the mission ‘Climate Neutral & Smart Cities’. The sessions stressed the importance of a vision of the ‘Climate Neutral City’ through concrete business opportunities now and in the near future. 100+12 cities were selected for extra EU support. Sobolt is supporting 6/100 already. Which ones? How? What is the plan towards 2027 or 2028? Let's have a chat and continue one of the biggest challenges of the decade together!

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