Tackling energy poverty with Heatpulse data

Heat loss. High energy bills. Energy poverty. For years we have been tackling energy loss innovatively with Heatpulse in the Netherlands. There are several new opportunities in relation to tackling energy poverty. This perhaps makes the field even more relevant.

With Heatpulse Fix, the direct installation of energy saving measures are combined with inventory & advice. The focus here is on homes and neighborhoods with mostly low income (lowest 25%) combined with high gas/energy use (highest 50%). This provides information at neighborhood level. However, how do you determine the exact target audience? The answer: combine as many data sources as possible (inside and outside the municipality), identify streets or neighborhoods where the risk of energy poverty is high and accept that you'll help more people than the prime target group. Cities in the Netherlands use the DEGO data support.

Composite map using DEGO (Data Provision Energy Transition Built Environment)

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