Bikepathfinder nominated for the Dutch National Road Safety Award

On April 14, the Dutch National Road Safety Congress will be held. Visitors decide who wins the National Traffic Safety Prize (NVVP). Fietspadvinder is 1 of the 3 nominees. Why Bikepathfinder??

Bicycle (un)safety
There is an increasing number of road traffic casualties and road traffic deaths among cyclists. Knowledge center VeiligheidNL concludes that the number of cyclists seriously injured in accidents has increased by almost 1/3 over the past 10 years. These are not only older people, but also young people between the ages of 12 & 17 were seriously injured in bicycle accidents in recent years. This can be so much better! Therefore the Dutch national government has set the target: 0 traffic victims in 2050.

Joint development
A safe layout of roads and cycle paths is a precondition for safe traffic flow. A safely designed road can prevent accidents and limit the injury severity of any accidents. Bikepathfinder has been developed to map out cycling infrastructure. How? Both the bike and rider will be equipped with sensors: LiDAR, GPS, accelerometers & cameras. The data obtained is processed in a digital file, analyzed using algorithms and converted into safety scores. This provides a clear picture of the bike path, obstacles and risks. Together with municipalities, BAM infra & Royal HaskoningDHV, Sobolt is developing this cool tooling to create a safe bicycle infrastructure.

At 11am today Guido Vos (BAM infra) & Steven Bakker (Royal HaskoningDHV) will talk about Bikepathfinder at the National Road Safety Congress during a ‘cycle’ session. Curious? Watch the intro video here. de intro video. Tip: start at minute 1:10 to see Fietspadvinder. On to fewer bicycle traffic casualties!

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