Even the IPCC report itself was delayed

The publication of the summary of the 3rd IPCC-report requires the agreement of representatives of all governments. These discussions have dragged on for several days. This is perhaps explainable because the interests are enormous, but it’s also illustrative.... What is the outcome of the 3rd climate report? Is there light on the horizon after all? The simple conclusion is: "Now or never!".

For the planet to have a chance to limit global warming, CO2 emissions must peak by 2025. By 2030 this should be halved and by 2050 the emissions should be 0. How are we going to achieve that? How will this affect the economy?

Land use
The way humans use the land accounts for almost 1/5th of the total global emissions. Think of deforestation and methane and nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture. Growing (preferably already existing) forests can make a big contribution. To be clear, planting trees can't compensate nearly enough compared to ongoing fossil fuel emissions.

Source: IPCC-report Climate Change 2022 - Summary for policy makers

Behavioral change
New in this report is that the behavioral change plays an important role in reducing emissions. The softer side of it all. You can think about:

  • Energy: savings & more sustainable
  • Transport: take the bike instead of the car
  • Lifestyle: less meat & dairy (vegetarian or vegan lifestyle)
  • Recycling & reuse: recycle and for example, that t-shirt can still do another season

Emissions are still rising. This is due to the continued growth of industry, transportation, energy production, agriculture and the built environment. Currently, China has the largest emissions in the world, but from 1850 to 2019, the US is on top of the list. Breakthrough technology has been in the make for decades, but it’s coming slower than thought. As a driven technology company, tech belief is in Sobolt's DNA. Putting too many cards on self-directed innovation seems to be a late 20th century thought. Innovation can form a big part of the solutions with clear standards.

3 in a row

  • Report 1: Humans are responsible for climate change, the planet is almost 1.5 degrees warmer than in 1900
  • Report 2: Consequences of global warming, extreme weather events and the loss of biodiversity
  • Report 3: Time for action. Now or never!

This was the 3rd and final climate report for now. We can get on with this. Untold discussions among scientists worldwide have resulted in agreement. It is time for action.

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