The Netherlands falls short in restoring nature

Worldwide, nature is not doing well, the variety of living organisms (biodiversity) is declining at an alarming rate. What about in the Netherlands? The answer: very worrying, meaning, nature targets will most likely not be reached. These conclusions are drawn by the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) in the report Natuurinclusief Nederland, which was presented yesterday to Minister Van der Wal for Nature and Nitrogen.

Why is this relevant? Nature is the basis for human existence. Think of the availability of drinking water, healthy food and clean air. In addition, healthy nature is a key fighter in combating climate change.

The Rli presents 4 possible solutions to create a more nature-inclusive Netherlands:

  1. Ensure nature everywhere and for everyone.
  2. Connect nature restoration with other community issues. This includes housing construction, energy transition and making agriculture more sustainable.
  3. Take nature values fully into account in economic and political decision-making.
  4. Work together on an area-specific basis: public authorities and other stakeholders.

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