Heatpulse Fix well received

We conducted research within 15 Dutch municipalities in March 2022 to refine the Heatpulse Fix proposition. During these interviews the emphasis was on better activation ('folders are so 2005'), greater reach (how can we transition from more successful 'sending' -> 'installation'?) and really involving tenants in the energy transition. A selection of the results:

In addition to the substantive lessons, the first projects are now in preparation. Very cool! A maximum of 8,500 (out of 10,000) places are still available in 2022. With Heatpulse we aim to give 25,000 people the 'yes, nice and fixed!' feeling. Showing that it is possible feels great. In addition to 25,000 happy residents, with this effort we will together realize about 6,500 tons of CO₂ savings in the next 10 years.

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