Tree Apps 2.0 are live

At Sobolt we are continuously iterating, revising, and creating to empower you with the necessary tools for smarter climate adaptation. Maybe you came across the blog post back in 2021 with mentions of Apps, international, impact, or you had a browse through the software page and noticed some updates? Well, a new announcement is here: Tree apps 2.0 are live. How can we help you accelerate green city sustainability?

This transformation starts, partly, with the ubiquitous tree. Omnipresent along cities and highways, their resilience and health is vital to a well-functioning urban environment. These latest tree Apps ensure smarter urban planning, tree maintenance and environmental reporting. Now convert the essence of the Dutch success into tangible impact services to help you.

Where are you located? It doesn’t matter. We bring an arsenal of high impact urban tree management solutions to wherever you are in the world. You(r clients) can benefit. Enrich your own systems with proven Apps. Explore and book a 20-minute free demo to get started.

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