From 5 to 500 solar carports in 2025 in the Netherlands

All municipal real estate CO2 neutral? That is the ambition of the Climate Agreement in the Netherlands. Solar carports have great potential to contribute to these sustainability goals. The National Solar Trend Report reports that the Netherlands will have 14.4 GWp of solar panels in 2021. Increase this production by approximately 15%? That's possible with solar carports!

In the context of local energy policy and RES (regional energy strategy) efforts, insight into the developments is necessary. With Park the Sun, in addition to mapping out the possibilities per district, municipality or RES level, we also look for the best options. After completing projects & calculations in more than 150 Dutch municipalities, the total potential is calculated. Sobolt has calculated that the potential of solar carports in the Netherlands is approximately 1 to 2 GWp!

Right now, the number of solar carport locations can still be counted on 2 hands. When will we run out of hands per municipality? Looking at the SDE-applications, there is significant traction. With some effort, every municipality will have 1 solar carport in 2025. At least 5 large solar carports will fit in larger municipalities, right? This means that there will be more than 500 solar carports in the Netherlands by 2025.

Electric transport is on the rise. Questions arise, such as: “Can charging stations be installed fast enough? & “How do you make electric driving available to everyone?”. Given the current upward curve and developments in other countries, momentum seems to be there. Especially with the increasing attention for double use of space and charging infrastructure. Aren’t solar carports actually a no-brainer?

At which hospital, ice rink or production company does it fit in the municipality? Or start at the parking lot of the municipality? More insights into solar engergy or contact colleague Otto Fabius directly via

Potential per district (wijk) in the city Zwolle

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