Reconstruction of trees in Haarlem

Municipality Haarlem wants to (more) accurately map its trees. Not only valuable information from the trees themselves, but also information about the tree in relation to the environment and calculating the value of the ecosystem services were the starting points. How can that be accomplished? With a drone, smart computing power from TreeTracker & Sobolt and shared domain expertise from all.

Scanning partner Geozicht wwent out with a drone to scan the trees. We convert the millions of measurement points they collected into high-quality tree information with our deep learning model. Accurate location determination, exact dimensions and of course the eco Impact of every tree. But we also provide insights about the tree in relation to its environment. Is there enough space for the trees to grow old? Is there even room to plant extra trees? These are all questions that the collected information can answer.

Awesome to use the TreeTracker tree information for the preservation of these beautiful trees in Haarlem! Interested in using tree software in your region or city. Check the international opportunities.

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