New subsidy for home landlords and/or tenants as of April 1st

More than half a million people live in poorly insulated houses with high energy bills and little comfort. Housing corporations are slowly taking more initiatives to make them more sustainable. Private landlords are more difficult to approach for municipalities. Now this may change with the Subsidy Regulation for Sustainability and Maintenance of Rental Housing (SVOH). This regulation will open from 1st of April 2022 and will provide a subsidy of up to 6,000 euros per home. Landlords of social housing benefit from this (compensation investment), because they aren’t allowed to increase any or limited rent and it helps to perpetuate the value of the home. Tenants benefit directly financially through lower energy bills. Moreover, you simply get more comfort as soon as the single glass or the non-insulated cavity wall is a thing of the past.

Is this the go-ahead for a target group campaign from municipalities? There is a budget for over 300,000 privately rented homes. The announced SVOH regulation seems the ideal time to activate landlords, more subsidy per m2 is probably not going to happen again? Heatpulse of Sobolt addresses both tenants and landlords together with the municipality. There are 100 to 2,500 SVOH subsidy sets available per municipality.

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  1. Subsidy Regulation for Sustainability and Maintenance of Rental housing open to private landlords from April 1st
Private landlords will have to invest heavily in making homes more sustainable in the coming years, but their investment scope is limited by the rent freeze on regulated rental homes (from 1st of July 2021). Subsidy Regulation for Sustainability and Maintenance of Rental Housing (SVOH), Minister Hugo de Jonge wants to encourage private landlords with regulated rental properties to invest in making homes more sustainable.
  1. Private landlord thinks strategically about sustainability
Nearly 40 percent of landlords have invested in the sustainability of their homes over the past five years and plan to continue doing so in the short term. Another 30 percent of the landlords have only made steps to become more sustainable in recent years or will do so in the next two years.
  1. Heatpulse
Heatpulse is developed to really give homeowners a helping hand. We unburden municipalities and other stakeholders in the entire process. The projects are simple and customizable. Thermal images are converted into insulation scores of homes and buildings. Residents gain insight into the quality of the insulation of the facade. Energy savings are within reach.
  1. Minister Ollongren presents national isolation program
Owner-occupiers can receive a subsidy for insulation measures via the Investment Grant for Sustainable Energy and Energy Saving (ISDE) for owner-occupiers and the Subsidy for Energy Saving Own Home (SEEH) for VvEs (homeowner association). In order to encourage more owner-occupiers and VvEs to take insulation measures, the plan is to increase the subsidy amounts from 20% to 30%.

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