Roadside object detection release 2.0

On the 1st of February, the new release of roadside object detection went live. Why is this important? Everyone wants safe roads. That doesn’t just mean good asphalt, lighting & facilities for all road users. But the area next to the road is also very important. The annual analysis of fatal crashes on national roads shows that on average 25% of all the fatal crashes concern run-off-road crashes.

What measures can you take for safe roadsides?

  1. Creating a clear zone
  2. Place guardrails where this isn’t possible

What is the idea of a clear zone? A car that runs off road comes to a stop before it hits something. Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management) maintains an obstacle free zone of 13 meters on motorways and 4.5 to 10 meters on N-roads. Areas where a clear zone isn’t possible can be shielded with a shielding construction, such as a guardrail.

The report 'State of infrastructure' from the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management (nov 2021) shows that more than 40% of roadsides are unsafe. Further securing roadsides starts with measuring: where are the objects and what is the distance to the road? This doesn’t only play a role in the Netherlands. The EU has introduced a new road safety directive (EU 2019/1936) in which, among other things, roadside objects of the entire European main road network must be mapped. A huge task, but one that could lead to fewer casualties. All this should be done by 2024.

Source: Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management)

Sobolt Object Detectie 2.0
Accurately mapping and measuring all objects on the roadsides is a task that can hardly be performed without digital support. Sobolt Roadside Object Detection is the ideal tool to support compliance & security. Based on LiDAR data and video images, smart algorithms process all information about objects along the road into a clear and accurate overview. The new release is now live. Want to know more?

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