Energy poverty approach in East Groningen is delivering first results

The goal is clear: a beautiful living environment for all residents in East Groningen. Easier said than done of course. RWLP, he Regional Housing and Liveability Plan East-Groningen, is a collaboration between municipalities of East Groningen, the province of Groningen, housing associations and healthcare organisations. Tackling energy poverty and realizing energy savings via is an important part of this. Interesting?!

Step by step toward energy savings
A broad approach has been developed to guide residents step by step from awareness to actual energy savings. Residents are supported in every phase of the 'isolation journey' with various instruments:

  • Awareness in general is created via marketing campaigns
  • Heat scans are specifically used to make people aware of the saving opportunities of their home
  • Energy & budget coaches guide people towards larger measures
  • There are energy savings packages available to realize the first small savings
  • There will be an attractive loan plus a savings guarantee for private homeowners with limited financial resources
  • Joint purchasing campaigns with attractive conditions help another group of residents to actually take the step

Deployment of 5,000 heat scans
Divided over this and last winter, in various municipalities more than 5,000 heat scans are made by Sobolt. Residents receive the heat scan of their home + customized insulation advice. After, a free Quickscan can be requested. An energy advisor indicates which sustainability measures are interesting. Additionally, the residents receive a savings report containing a cost indication, payback period and financing and subsidy options.

Energy saving opportunities
The scans performed show that there’s a lot of energy saving potential. In 60% of the homes, the heat leaks are such that solving the heat leaks is financially attractive.

The first results
The project is still running, but the first results are already visible:

  • 3.100 Thermal images have been made
  • 7.100 Energy savings packages are handed out
  • 916 Conversations with energy coaches are held
  • 244 Quickscans are executed
  • Nice? For more info check Heatpulse.

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