European AI Startup Landscape activated

The new European AI Startup Landscape was launched on the 19th of January at the Sweden Innovation Days. Sobolt colleague, Nadja Muller, was honored to speak at this event. After an introduction,the following questions were asked: “What are your current challenges/obstacles being an AI startup in The Netherlands?”

“The 1st challenge has become learning for us. Initially it was a challenge. What we learned is that AI has no value without context. A couple of years ago Sobolt positioned itself as an AI start-up, knowing that sustainability was our passion. AI in itself is not recognized as valuable, it’s possible to deliver a myriad of AI solutions - from digital health, cyber security, logistics, etc. So, it was time to follow the passion of ‘sustainability’. That’s the starting point for the connection with municipalities & large industry partners. Another challenge is maybe an obvious one, but relevant: an AI model on its own is not interesting at all. What is the value that it delivers? And what is the need it serves? The challenge of today is going International.”

“What are your expectations on the landscape and the benefits you hope to gain by being included in the map?”

  • More visibility & impact in European cities
  • Find suitable partners and then help local governments on their path towards smart, livable and sustainable cities

Interested in forming a consortium? Contact Nadja Muller via

What is the value of the European AI Startup Landscape? It is essential to shine a light on the top AI startups in Europe in order to drive AI adoption and create more partnership opportunities between startups and corporations. To foster and accelerate AI in Europe, in early 2020 the initial steps in mapping the AI startup ecosystem are taken. The release of the landscape is part of the Sweden Innovation Days, a four-day digital event with a focus on how innovation can help achieve the UN Agenda 2030’s Global Goals.

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