Interview ‘the sustainable future of Jeroen van Zwieten’ – Horizons

Horizons is an innovation network committed to a sustainable future. In the 'Sustainable Future' series, experts are introduced. Who are they, what do they do and what drives them? In part 5, Horizons spoke with one of our founders, Jeroen van Zwieten.

The Netherlands isn’t scoring great in terms of sustainability. Nevertheless – or perhaps because of this – sustainable entrepreneur Jeroen van Zwieten is optimistic about the opportunities for the future. He is convinced that if The Hague and Brussels formulate clear frameworks for the energy transition and climate adaptation, the business community will naturally start to move.

“Our goal is to start á revolution with ánother.”

“We are in the middle of a data revolution”. The world is changing radically due to artificial intelligence, but not everywhere at the same speed. Now, you find a lot of AI applications within financial services, the technical industry and the medical sector. With Sobolt, we want to use the data revolution in an area where even less attention is being paid to AI, namely sustainability.” Laughing: “Our goal is to start á revolution with ánother.”

Curious how the Netherlands can speed up the energy transition? What is the importance of a strong government? Read the entire interview below (Dutch only).

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