Trending topics in 2021: Insulation advice & energy transition

2021 was an eventful year full of developments. Besides COVID-trends, gas prices went through the roof, all or nothing with COP26, floods in Limburg… Which topics were trending on

#1. Insulation advice for nearly 40.000 residents
The most read article of the year. The rise in gas prices is leading to higher energy bills. How can you still increase your living comfort and reduce CO2 emissions? Prevent heat loss. Read more...

#2. Solar carport software 2.0 in sunny region Zeeland
Use the sun’s energy. From the end of October 2021, the free online tool Park the Sun is available in the most sunny province of the Netherlands: Zeeland! Which areas are suitable from an energy perspective? Read more...

#3. Milieu Centraal partner in energy transition
The road towards energy transition starts with good isolation. To really help governments and citizens to take the next step, Heatpulse is developed. Milieu Centraal is the knowledge partner when it comes to sustainability in the built environment. Read more...

#4. LiDAR 101
Technology is becoming more and more integrated in our daily lives. This is 1 of the trending topics in 2021. The blog about Light Detection And Ranging, aka LiDAR, explains. Read more...

LiDAR group picture of the Sobolt team made with an iPhone

Below the rest of the overview of the other most read posts:
#5. COP26 – 1,5 degree conference
#6. EU takes road safety to the next level
#7. Agile Agritech with AI
#8. 7 highlights Expo for Public Space

Happy Holidays and warm wishes for the New Year!

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