New release Park the Sun

The application of Park the Sun is renewed. What is different?

The website has a new look. The color & logo have been adjusted, so it fits well with

Battery systems
Grid congestion is a major challenge in many places in the Netherlands. This makes battery systems an attractive option for solar carports. That is why this component has been added to the business case.

Parking spaces up-to-date
Good news: the parking spaces in the application are better up-to-date again. Several sources have been combined in order to obtain an overview as complete as possible of the parking spaces in the municipalities.

Faster + available on multiple devices
The application has become faster. In addition, now you can view the website better on a laptop & tablet. Do you have other tips or would you like to know more? Schedule a session with Tine via

Curious about the new developments? Check it now!

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