6 million x Zonnedakje.nl

Yes, 6 million people can enjoy Zonnedakje.nl from 2022. With both feet on the ground, but at the same time a view of the roof for a lot of people. How many solar panels are there on roofs? Is there solar potential? With a mixture of pride & service we’ll keep working hard the upcoming months.

Zonnedakje is an extensive analysis of existing solar energy installations and the potential generation in the province, municipality or region. Sobolt delivers the application area with excellent coverage and fine accuracy. The results are provided as a report, shapefile, spreadsheet or as an online interactive map. Via Sobolt Apps more than 50 regions worldwide are ready for analysis.

Want to know more? Schedule a session with Annemarie via a.hagenaars@sobolt.com.

Source: Zonnedakje.nl - Nieuwe Energie Overrijssel

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