7 highlights Expo for Public Space

Together with our partner TreeTracker we are with a beautiful stand present at the Expo for Public Space. This is the largest international event for design, planning and maintenance of public space.

The expo distinguishes itself by offering different products & services in 8 different categories. TreeTracker has a stand at floor 2 in the category “Green”. Colleague Otto Fabius is present and shares the following 7 highlights:

  1. TreeTracker is the most innovative green solution 😉
  2. The topic ‘green’ is taken seriously. More & more municipalities are working on climate adaptation
  3. Digitization of public space becomes more widespread
  4. Sobolt's state-of-the-art algorithms are an eye-opener for municipalities
  5. The Netherlands is a leader of green & tree management in the city
  6. There is a great demand for (really) good tree information
  7. Plant your own TreeTracker tree from a test tube

Unfortunately, trees are still one of the last topics of the planning process. As green professionals, it is our task to provide insights into the value of trees. More trees?

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