World Cleanup Day: we’ll be there

Tomorrow it’s time again: World Cleanup Day. Together with 180 other countries, the Netherlands will roll up their sleeves. The crew members of Sobolt are also going for a litter pick.

What’s the goal?

First of all, clean up litter of course. In addition, mapping the litter: track & record the type of waste. By identifying the litter, the problem can be tackled at its source. In this way, targeted solutions can be created, for example different material for packaging, deposits on bottles, more bins, etc.


By using the Litterati-app on your phone, you can record the waste you picked up. Information about where the waste is found, the type of packaging, the material and (if visible) the brand will be collected. The Plastic Soup Foundation is already working on this every day and that’s why they coordinate the World Clean Up Day on the 18th of September in the Netherlands.

Besides the fact that it is very important that we try to stop the plastic soup, you can also make it a fun day! Call your friends, family and/or colleagues and go for a stroll! Don't wait & sign up below!

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