Insulation advice for nearly 40.000 residents

Heat losses. A luxury in summer but a waste in winter. Apart from a higher energy bill & discomfort it also leads to higher CO2 emissions.

The Sobolt Heatpuls team analyzed the insulation status for nearly 40.000 residents last winter. Participating municipalities & residents received personalized reports with advice. Many residents have already taken action. Some need an extra push. Municipalities launch initiatives to facilitate residents in taking the next step. Read the story of the municipality of Krimpenerwaard. An example of a successful activation campaign?


Based on the HeatPuls reports, the municipality of Krimpenerwaard arranged a collective purchase campaign of insulation materials for its residents. They responded as follows:

  • 83% was positive
  • 37% has already made or planned insulation improvements
  • 56% is still interested in doing so
  • Estimated CO2 savings: 50.500kg

In Brabant the reports were delivered at the door.

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