in1 space beta version is about to take off

In1 is a toolbox of AI deep learning functionality focused on improving and enhancing Earth Observation imagery. This innovative software pushes the architectural boundaries of deep learning techniques and GPU operational capability. The software updates & improves consistently through state-of-the-art testing procedures and external reviews.

The free Copernicus Sentinel-2 trial of in1 starts on Monday 15th of March. The beta-version will run for 2 weeks. This free trial will allow participants to get first-hand experience of in1 and evaluate the model’s performance. Feedback ahead!

Space lovers can participate in the free trial. You can either use Sobolt’s image library provided on the website or super resolving own images with an API in the cloud. Due to high demand we opened up another 10 spots. You can register by emailing

in1 in action

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