Delayed space innovation

What we aim for in EO images is more detail and clear colours in an image. One year ago - based on our initial quick successes in building the neural network - we felt optimistic about being able to deliver 4 times super resolution with in1.

Little did we know.

After a couple of months it became evident that the quick wins from early on gave way to gradually inching forward in solving this challenge. Complex software development like this required us to embrace full heartedly the agile way of working. We are scrumming away and we perform extreme programming probes into possible avenues that would give us a leap forward and surpass our benchmark of bi-linear upsampling.

However, a few weeks back we started slowly but surely seeing cracks and are now moving past this particular benchmark.

Stay tuned for more - the official launch of in1 is yet to come!

Original Sentinel-2 image

Generated image with false colours

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