Solar panels on monuments in Gouda

How do we preserve the historical cityscape while also committing to sustainable development? With this motivation in mind an analysis of the protected city centre and monuments in Gouda has been performed last fall. Installation of solar panels is an important step towards green energy. This step can however hurt the historical image of a city when monumental roofs are concerned.

In Gouda, a city with a rich history, it is of importance to manage this carefully. The analysis provided a solution: on half of the monumental roofs solar panels would not be visible. With this information the municipality hopes to inspire roof owners to contribute to sustainability.

The rest of the city is analysed as well. A lot of solar roofs have already been installed, but there is a lot of unused potential left. With a publicly available map of the city the municipality hopes to create more awareness of the possibilities. Read more about Gouda’s green initiatives.

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